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This Sunday, 10/24, we’ll wrap up our “What’s the Deal” series and our time with the book of Job. We come this week to God’s words to Job, out of the whirlwind. Our specific scriptures will be Job 38.1-7, 34-41 and Job 42.1-6, 10-17. But we’ll reflect on the whole sweep of chapters 38 through 42, which end this breathtaking work. Sit down with those chapters before Sunday, if you can, and see how they speak to you!

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Sunday, October 17, 2021 “THE DEAL We Make with Each Other”

Sunday, we continued our “What’s the Deal” series, and our jaunt through the book of Job. Our focus was on “The deal we make with each other,” based on Job 2.11-3.1 and 4.1-2, 7-9. We considered how Job’s friends respond to him and the arguments they make about why he’s lost everything. The conversation w/ Job’s friends goes on through the start of chapter 32; spend some time looking at what they say, and how Job answers them. What deals with God, and with each other, do you see reflected in this book? Click here for the Order of Worship.

We ended worship with “Blessed Be Your Name,” which we introduced last Sunday. Here’s a recording that will familiarize you with this song, and perhaps challenge you with what it says. Do we bless the name of the Lord, even in the hardest times of our lives?

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We’d love to welcome you in person. We have ample parking and you can enter from the east doors (under the carport) with no steps or from the lower doors on the north side, and walk up the steps to the sanctuary.

With the most recent CDC guidance, we are requiring masks for all persons during worship, and we are sitting in every row in our sanctuary. Masks are available near each entrance if you arrive without one. The pastor and song leaders remove their masks while they’re leading. Communion, on the first Sunday of each month, is distributed at the end of worship and consumed outside the sanctuary.

One of our favorite activities is after-worship coffee and conversation, which is on hold for now, until we’re given the all-clear to gather without masking.

What to expect

We worship in a semi-traditional style, with an organ alongside piano most weeks and sometimes a guitar, handbells, and other instruments. We sing from the hymnal and also incorporate newer songs and melodies, seeking to express and connect with the worship theme, the moment we’re in, and the people with us in person and by Livestream.

During most seasons, we’ll follow a theme for four to six weeks, usually based on the lectionary or a book or theme of the Bible.

We offer Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month, and occasionally at other times. All are welcome at the Lord’s Table who are seeking to grow in faith. We understand Holy Communion as a means of grace by which we may be brought closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.. You do not have to be a member of Valley or even baptized. You are welcome.