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Our Who He Is series continues on Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, as we see how the different gospels present the arrival of Jesus. This week we’ll hear the opening of the gospel of John, John 1.1-18, and we’ll marvel at the cosmic vision John brings to his book about Jesus. Pastor Lee will share a message about “Christmas according to John,” and we’ll light the candle of Peace on our Advent wreath. We’ll join in Holy Communion, so you’ll want to have some bread and juice ready if you’re joining on the livestream.     Follow along with our Order of Worship bulletin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

live at 9 am

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If you’re visiting when we aren’t “live,” you can worship anytime with our most recent worship service.

Sunday, November 27, 2022–Christmas According to Mark

Advent began this past Sunday and we will look at Who He Is—according to Mark, John, Matthew, and Luke. The gospel writers each tell the story of Jesus’ beginning differently. We’ll notice the differences and consider what they wanted us to know about the savior for whom we’re preparing in this season. We’ll begin with Mark, and you’re encouraged to read the first chapter or two of this gospel and see what you notice about Jesus’ coming. In worship we’ll read Mark 1.1-4, 14-15 and Pastor Lee’s message was titled “Christmas according to Mark.” We heard from The Back Row; we lit our first candle of Advent. Join in with us as we prepare together. Find our Order of Worship here.

Join us in person

We’d love to welcome you in person. We have ample parking and you can enter from the east doors (under the carport) with no steps or from the lower doors on the north side, and walk up the steps to the sanctuary.

An informal time of fellowship with coffee and occasional treats happens after worship, in the Fellowship Hall right next to the sanctuary. It’s a great chance to connect with a new friend!

What to expect

We worship in a semi-traditional style, with an organ alongside piano most weeks and sometimes a guitar, handbells, and other instruments. We sing from the hymnal and also incorporate newer songs and melodies, seeking to express and connect with the worship theme, the moment we’re in, and the people with us in person and by Livestream.

During most seasons, we’ll follow a theme for four to six weeks, usually based on the lectionary or a book or theme of the Bible.

We offer Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month, and occasionally at other times. All are welcome at the Lord’s Table who are seeking to grow in faith. We understand Holy Communion as a means of grace by which we may be brought closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.. You do not have to be a member of Valley or even baptized. You are welcome.

Thursday Exhale

For several weeks since the start of 2022, we offered a worshipful gathering on Thursday evenings at 7:00 that’s intended to offer some space to breathe. This program is on hold right now but will likely return later in the year. We’d include some music, a bit of Scripture, time to consider some simple questions, a little prayer, and sometimes a ritual to connect us with our faith roots or our own spirit. Check back for future opportunities.