Any description of a church’s ministries is incomplete because we’re always innovating, always adapting. Here are some of our ongoing programs. Do check out our Events page for info on upcoming and seasonal ministries!

Christian education

Growing in Faith is a foundational practice for us. We believe we’re always being called to grow in knowing and practicing the love of God and our love of one another. All are invited to join in a group that supports our continued growth in faith, love, and justice.

Small groups

We gather in a number of ways that develop out of our life together. We serve, we pray, we learn, we work for justice, and more. Here are some examples in the current life of the church.


Music has always been a high priority at Valley. We welcome special music from soloists and small ensembles, and we hope you’ll consider joining in one of our regular music ministries

Doing good

We believe in giving back, and doing good in our communities and beyond. Our missions projects range from collecting food and other supplies for local ministries, to providing prayer shawls for every staff member at Iowa Lutheran Hospital early in 2021, to hands-on projects like mission trips and serving meals.